Clean Tech Made in Germany

Clean Tech Made in Germany

Investor Relations

HiProSUN is a company that converts sunflower extraction meal into high-quality protein carriers.

We use various investor relations platform that enable companies to find and do business with new investors. You can find out more about HiProSUN High Protein SunFlower Extraction Meal GmbH on these websites to explore investment opportunities.

Investor Dashboard (DueDash)

We have deposited information about HiProSUN High Protein SunFlower Extraction Meal GmbH, the patent-protected HiProSUN process and relevant documents in a data room for investors at DueDash. Please note our disclaimer.

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Video Pitch

Video Pitch

Concept (ROI): Licensing to existing mills (a further licence is sold each year)

Concept (ROI): New mill in Bulgaria – €80M Investment, 240K Ton/Year Capacity, 60% EU Subsidies

Concept (ROI): New mill in Germany – €80M Investment, 240K Ton/Year Capacity, no EU subsidies planned


Investors can also find information about HiProSUN High Protein SunFlower Extraction Meal GmbH at Crunchbase. Please note our disclaimer.

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