Main Features Procedure Protein Sunflower

Main features Procedure

The HiProSUN process converts sunflower extraction meal, the low-quality by-product of oil mills that is produced during sunflower oil extraction (on average 40% sunflower oil in relation to 60% sunflower extraction meal), into two high-quality protein carriers, which, according to market participants, are also needed in any crisis and in any quantity on the world market. In addition, an efficient energy carrier is created.

HiProSUN I and HiProSUN III are high-quality protein carriers for the animal feed industry which, in contrast to (expensive) soy meal proteins, are not genetically modified and have a higher bioavailability.

HiProSUN II (pure shell of sunflower seeds) is an energy source made from renewable raw materials for low-emission combustion as an alternative to wood pellets, for which no forests have to be sacrificed.

The demand for non-fossil energy sources is growing exceptionally. Unlike wood and wood pellets, sunflowers have a much shorter CO2 cycle of only 3 months than trees with a CO2 storage period of 15-60 or more years.