Animal feed – raw materials

The animal feed industry serves a market that is constantly growing in proportion to population growth.

Without the addition of proteins (egg whites), the required quantities of animal products can no longer be achieved in the desired quality.

The feed industry is therefore using more and more genetically modified organisms (GMOs), mainly genetically modified very expensive soybean meal, which has a protein content of 46% on average.

Since Europe does not grow large quantities of soy, Brazil cultivates more than 100 million hectares.

Most of this land is former rainforest.

Due to the massive increase in production, large parts of the rainforest continue to be cleared to make room for more and more new soybean cultivation areas.

However, expensive genetically modified soy meal from South America as animal feed can be replaced by more cheaply produced (non-GM) sunflower extraction meal from Europe and elsewhere.

Sunflower extraction meal

Sunflower extraction meal is a renewable raw material that is a by-product of the production of sunflower oil and can only be used to a limited extent in animal feed production to date.

Despite its high protein content, it can only be added to animal feed in small quantities, as the shells, raw fibres and skeletal substances can only be digested by ruminants.

When sunflower extraction meal is used as an energy source, unacceptable CO2 emissions are produced during combustion due to the high protein content, which exceed the limit values.

Today’s sunflower processing sequence

Der heutige Ablauf bei der Sonnenblumenverarbeitung

HiProSUN process

This is where the HiProSUN process comes in, by removing the existing obstacles and enabling almost complete usability of the sunflower extraction meal.

Das HiProSUN-Verfahren verwandelt Sonnenblumenreste in Produkte mit Mehrwert.

Availability Sunflower extraction meal

Sunflower extraction meal as a raw material is available in sufficient quantities on the world market.

The main sunflower-growing countries (2020) and thus the main suppliers of sunflower extraction meal are Ukraine with 6.7 million t, Russia with 5.4 million t, the EU with 4.2 million t, Turkey with 1.4 million t and Argentina with 1.3 million t.

Other growing countries are the USA, Kazakhstan, Serbia, Moldova, Iran, Egypt, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan.