Sunflower High Protein Potential



The price difference between GMO-free sunflower extraction meal and genetically modified expensive soybean meal offers considerable potential, not only for mill operators and the animal feed industry, but also for the rainforest and thus for the world’s climate.

The HiProSUN process contributes to the protection of the rainforest, as the use of high protein from sunflower extraction meal in animal feed reduces the use and cultivation of soy or even makes it obsolete, and thus there is no longer any reason to clear further areas of rainforest for soy cultivation.


HiProSUN II as an energy source from renewable raw materials of the sunflower has a much shorter CO2 cycle than trees and thus wood or wood pellets.

The latter bind the CO2 in the atmosphere over a period of 15-60 or more years, whereas in the case of the sunflower there are only 3 months between binding and release as part of energy production. The CO2 is bound again as early as the following year.

This short cycle offers opportunities not only for the environment, but also for industry and consumers, who are enabled to replace expensive and currently hardly available wood pellets with energy sources made from sunflower extraction meal or to supply the market with it.